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Answer the following prompts in an MLA formatted Word document in a minimum of 3

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Answer the following prompts in an MLA formatted Word document in a minimum of 300 words.
Remember: Citations and Works Cited do not contribute to your minimum word count.
Research the topic and obtain college-level, credible sources. *Refer to the Plagiarism, Citation, and Format Unit for information on how to create MLA citations.
Experiencing Culture Through Global Art Assignment Instructions
Imagine you can travel anywhere in the world; Where would you go? Why? Consider what about that place and culture interests you.
Now, using the Heilbrunn Timeline, ( select that geographical region to explore the art styles and cultures they contain.
After exploring your chosen region and culture, address the following in your written assignment.
From your exploration of the Heilbrunn Timeline ( in your chosen region and culture, select one artwork to analyze. *Embed your selected art as a picture at the top of your word document.
Identify the style, region, and culture that produced your selected artwork.
Explain how your selected work is connected to the time and place that it was created. (Ex. What was happening in society, what ideas were being expressed?)
Analyze how this work represents the values of, or a unique aspect of, the selected culture.
After learning about the art and culture of the region you selected, explain what other cultural topics this has made you want to explore further and why?
*Heyya it would be great if you could pick a time period from Africa. Whatever time period is chosen is completely up to you. On the Heilbrunn Timeline website ( once you choose the location you can then choose the time period and then there will be art pieces that you can choose from in that time period. Whichever one you choose is up to you just please make sure it is from Africa.
*You will need to use this website ( as well as three other sources with a Works Cited Page included.

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