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Although many of you will be aware of the disparities addressed historically and

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Although many of you will be aware of the disparities addressed historically and currently in these documentaries, the topics are themselves complex and often deeply disturbing. These documentaries present particularly challenging information as they are each scrupulously researched and presented by scholars, activists, and people with lived experience; these presenters are diverse in many ways, including as viewed through intersectional positionality and even in political affiliation.
As you’re watching your chosen documentary, take notes on items that surprise you, things you haven’t heard before, or things that you find upsetting or otherwise disconcerting. Reflect on these items in your Critical Examination paper, 3-5 pages long. In support of your paper, include references to at least 5 articles you’ve read for class (from Sensoy and DiAngelo or from additional articles assigned on BB) and/or from peer-reviewed and established grey sources that you’ve researched independently. Please be sure to compose the paper using APA style, following APA for in-text citations and your references list.
The assessment should be composed to the following outline:
Introduction: state what theme(s) and/or episode(s) of the documentary particularly captured your attention and why these themes/episodes are significant to your understanding of U.S. policy and/or cultural identification that had systemically perpetuated disparities among the topic population.
Define and illustrate with selected items from the film(“13th” on Netflix)
Structural concerns that contribute to the disparities
Cultural concerns that contribute to the disparities
De facto versus de jure disparities that challenge the provision of equal protection under the law
3.Conclusion: state your overall opinion/understanding of criminal justice, ability rights, or feminist rights in the U.S. as it is presented in the documentary.
5% on APA and quality of writing
15% on supporting references, used in text and otherwise cited as References
80% on the quality and depth of the three paper sections highlighted above.

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