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After viewing the movie, “The Breakfast Club,” write a 4-5 analysis of group dev

by | Jun 23, 2021 | Social work (not sociology) | 0 comments


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After viewing the movie, “The Breakfast Club,” write a 4-5 analysis of group development and group dynamics displayed. Be detailed in your paper by providing vivid examples seen in the movie. Be sure to use the character names. I’m mostly interested in measuring your ability to capture the life of a group from beginning to end along with identification group dynamics (covered in chapters 1-4 in your textbook). Your book details what the different stages of group development look like in chapters 10-12. I also want you to include narrative on problem members from the movie (covered in chapter 13 of your textbook). Use the group role theory handout provided to aid you with defining group member roles seen in the movie. You will include the following in your paper based in the movie:
Address the following concepts as displayed in the movie-
Group dynamics (Chapter’s 1-4 in the textbook)
Group development (Chapter’s 10-12 in the textbook)
Problem Members and Group Role Theory (Chapter 13 in the textbook and course handout) Analyze the group in the movie on four issues-
Leadership- Describe the different approaches to leadership represented by the group. What theory or theories explain(s) the leadership of this group?
Participation-What were some of the participation problems confronted by the group? How did the group deal with these problems?
Climate- Describe the communication climate throughout most of the day in detention. What specific verbal and non-verbal behaviors contributed to this climate?
Conflict- What were some of the conflict styles of group members? How successful were conflicts resolved in the group?
4 to 5 page in length, plus a title page and reference page (6-7 total pages).
Textbook must be used and properly cited as well as the movie **The textbook has been included and uploaded.

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