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A new movement has started since the early 2000s. A movement where organizations

by | Sep 2, 2022 | American History | 0 comments


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A new movement has started since the early 2000s. A movement where organizations and even political groups are trying to protect America’s lands and Indian cultures.
A Historical Trauma has affected generations of American Indians. A distrust has developed towards different groups, agencies and organizations because of the maltreatment many First Nation people experienced. A view of educating the American people about the history of the First people has become limited in schools and many tribes are asking for help to current events that have decades of history connected to them.
For those who are not affected by the obstacles or issues, trying to understand what it means to be an American Indian in the United States is often difficult. The history of the First Nation is not taught in all schools or to every American. The goal of this class was to briefly introduce you to First Nation and inspire you to learn more about the tribes and the current obstacles they face.
For your final discussion, you will be asked to prepare a speech that you would give to a group of politicians, educators, and activists about the importance of teaching and learning about American Indian History. You can utilize the history from pre-European contact to 2017 for this speech.
In your speech, explain why every American should know this American Indian history. How could Americans help mend race relations in the United States and help heal the First Nations communities by learning this history?
In this speech, you will stress to the audience the importance of teaching this history, especially in the American school system, and why every American should know the history of the First Nations and have a basic understanding of the history behind the current relationship the tribes have with our American government and society
Any sources should come from the AIE, the lessons case studies, videos, and the research you conducted in the APUS Library.
Do not use Wikipedia or Encyclopedias.
In your speech, demonstrate the breadth of knowledge you have gained from this work. Do not forget to use in text citations because you will be using multiple sources.

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