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2) the tcc library online ( is an excellent place to start looking for sources.

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Final paper for principal of traffic management 
Final Paper Value: (200 points)
(emailed directly to me). No late
papers will be accepted.
Topic: Select a common consumer good recently impacted by the Covid-19 crisis.
How can we relate the Bullwhip Effect to its availability on store shelves? What part of
the supply/demand ratio changed and why? Was this consumer shock preventable?
How could we have applied advanced knowledge of the coming crisis have prevented
this? Will there be long term problems getting the product you’ve chosen? Will this
change the demand for the product or the way we procure it in the future? Has the
supply/demand equilibrium changed the price of this product or created alternative
solutions? Will this continue?
Instructions: The final paper must be 3-5 full pages in MLA format. Your paper must
contain a minimum of five different sources. You will need to include citations in
your paper. Citations include paraphrases and direct quotes. Your paper will require a
minimum of five cited, short direct quotes (full or partial) A minimum of four cited
paraphrases (from direct quotes). All sources may be Internet sources. You may use
no more than two encyclopedias. (No Wikipedia!)
Notes: 1) MS Word and other software has MLA formatting functions. 2) The TCC
library online ( is an excellent place to start looking for sources.
Grading Scheme: 50 point reduction per page less than 3 pages. 25 point reduction
per source less than five sources. 10 point reduction per citation less than five quotes
or less than four paraphrases. 5 point reduction for spelling/grammar errors. 10 point
reduction for content confusion/understanding. 5 points for each MLA formatting

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