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1500-2000 words, double spaced, 1 inch margins, MLA format citations. (But you a

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1500-2000 words, double spaced, 1 inch margins, MLA format citations. (But you are graded on content (like how well you have explained the concepts) not on length of paper).
In this paper, you are to answer the following question in a thesis-driven paper, focused on the arguments of at least one philosopher we have read for class:
What are our moral duties/obligations to animals (alternatively, is it morally acceptable to eat meat)?
Relevant reading here is Singer, “All Animals are Equal” from 9.3.
Along with the basic general paper elements included in the rubric, your paper must contain the following content:
A clear thesis
An argument or arguments in support of your thesis (this should be based on the course readings)
A potential objection to the claim made in your thesis
A response to that objection that is consistent with and makes sense given your original argument for your thesis (but does not simply restate the same argument)
It is acceptable for your argument and the objection you consider to be a clear explanation of a philosopher’s argument—you do not need to come up with your own unique argument or objection (your thesis, for example, could say, “Following Mackie, I will argue that the problem of evil shows that the traditional monotheistic God does not exist…”). Most of your paper should be dedicated to explaining in depth the reasoning in the article (s) read for this course. You can (and even should!) use content from the relevant reading response on the topic in your paper.
Do NOT rely on quotations for your argument–instead, you should explain the author’s argument in your own words. If you use quotations, you must fully explain what the author is saying and explain how it support your argument.
If you use a philosopher we did not read for class, you must cite from an original philosophical source (rather than a summary article, for example). It’s also your responsibility to make sure the author is a credible academic and the article is published. Make sure you do not plagiarize–any instances of plagiarism will result in a 0.
Make sure you look at the rubric and writing improvements for this assignment! It is attached to the assignment.

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