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1) What is the Problem and why is this important to address? a. The problem

by | Jun 23, 2021 | Marketing | 0 comments


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1) What is the Problem and why is this important to address? a. The problem faced by North River Waste Treatment Plant in New York City is… b. This is important to address because… 2) Who is my target audience and why? a. My target audience would be… segmented based on… [Describe which forms of segmentation might be most applicable and why]
3) What is the best solution for solving it? a. My Unique Selling Point/Single Most Persuasive Idea for this campaign is… because… b. This idea would appeal to my target audience because…c. Some other USPs/themes/campaign ideas that my group or I came up with include…
4) Implementation of mediaa. To reach my target audience(s), I plan to use media such as … [Describe media, audience reached, and core message. Discuss how media/messages will be integrated.]
MY ADVICE: My primary goal for this final paper is for you to experience working on the IMC planning process (though much smaller scale) for a social relevant and meaningful topic. I’m mostly interested in what you think, your insights, and your application of concepts from the course. The ideas don’t have to be perfect as long as you follow the proper steps to get there and have considered and rely upon the wealth of available knowledge from the course. Error on the side of more – rather than less – detail. An IMC plan can easily hit 25-30 pages, so you should be able to get to 5-6 pretty easily. Give me details of your ideas, while using the language of the textbook. Essentially, show me what you’ve learned! A secondary goal of this project is for you to take a unique and unconventional marketing idea and have some fun with it. Make it an enjoyable process and be creative. Think outside the box to find clever and novel ways to solve the problem. I look forward to seeing what you come up with!

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