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1) View the Employment Standards Act at

by | Aug 4, 2022 | Law | 0 comments


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1) View the Employment Standards Act at; and
2) Answer the following questions:
a) Have you or someone you know experienced working for an employer who may have violated the ESA in some way?
b) If so, outline the facts, highlight what section(s) of the Act apply (be specific); and
c) Explain why the employer may have been in violation of the employment legislation.
If you are unable to share a personal experience or you do not have a story to share regarding someone you know, then you can find an employment law story that has been shared online (e.g. by a news agency). If you choose to do this, then make sure to provide a summary of the facts and outline which specific sections of the applicable employment legislation apply in the case. Also, do not forget to provide a hyperlink to the story under your “References” section at the end of your post.
NOTE: as this is a public forum when sharing a personal story, please use pseudonyms and fake company names (e.g. use an acronym or a completely made-up name) in order to maintain anonymity for the people and businesses involved in your story.

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