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1. Social and Health Indicator Data Analysis (25 points) This assignment re

by | Jun 23, 2021 | Social work (not sociology) | 0 comments


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1. Social
and Health Indicator Data Analysis (25 points)
This assignment
requires utilizing data from the U.S. Census and from the Florida
Department of Health to provide a description of issues or challenges
facing a community. Undertaking this assignment will enable you to develop the
macro practice skill of “secondary data analysis.”
To assist you with
this assignment, the FIU Government Documents Librarian has created an online
research guide which gives you instructions on how to access the data bases for
the topics you choose to analyze:
This wonderful
resource gives you directions on how to use the U.S. Census American Fact
Finder and American Community Survey, in addition to Florida Charts
health care data (State of Florida Department of Health). We will have a
computer lab with a librarian to practice gathering data from these sources.
Instructions – Part I
Select a type of
community that interests you, based on demographic, background or geographic
variables. Demographic communities are based on variables such as race,
ethnicity, gender, age, income status, educational status, employment status,
etc. Background variables could include family status (i.e. single head of
household, grandparent head of household) or a combination of variables such as
Haitian women, low income seniors,
unemployed persons, high school drop outs etc. Geographic communities would be
municipal areas such as City of Hialeah, City of Homestead, City of Aventura,
City of Miami Lakes, Miami-Dade County, Broward County, etc.
Go to government data
bases. Research social indicator data on your selected population/community of
Write a report on what you have found. Essentially
describe the community.
Instructions – Part II
From your study of
the “community” researched above, select a social/health care challenge that
has some social justice, social work and/or social welfare implications,
such as access to a primary care provider, insurance coverage, engagement in
preventive screenings, alcohol abuse rates, domestic violence rates, child immunization
rates, etc.
Write a report on what you have found.
After writing
your description of the social/health issue (it should be related to the
community issue in part 1) research and write a brief commentary on the
kind of programs or policies that should be created to address the
social/health issue that you studied. Be absolutely sure to cite the source of
your data.
This assignment can
be completed in 6-8 pages.

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