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1. paper needs to be argumentative, not expository or interpretive. You need an

by | Jun 22, 2022 | Philosophy | 0 comments


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1. paper needs to be argumentative, not expository or interpretive. You need an informative thesis that is strong enough so someone can reasonably disagree with it. Then you defend your thesis against the best objections of your reasonable opponents, professionally and without flourish
2. paper needs to be based on provided reading
3. The essay will be reviewed on content (clarity of presentation, strength of argument, relevance of thesis) and form (spelling, grammar, presentation in print).
4. If you are arguing against a particular claim, give an exposition of that view, making sure to define any key concepts. This may take up 3-4 paragraphs. Make sure to have a separate paragraph for each premise of the argument you are considering. After setting up the opposing view (usually something that goes against your thesis), you may now consider strong objections against that view. Next, move on to consider how your opponent may respond to the objection. Give the best response you possibly can on behalf of your opponent. If possible, try and overcome the objection. The last part will most likely be your main argument. Respond to your opponent’s potential response to your initial objection. Here is the general structure:
a) Intro/Thesis
b) Opponent’s view
c) Objection to Opponent’s view
d) Opponent’s Possible Response to Objection
e) Your response to the Opponent’s Response (something critical).
f) Conclusion
5. Thesis is the center of the paper and needs to be strong
6. I have attached:
a) a grading rubric for the paper that will be used to evaluate it ( title: rubric)
b) the reading (Title: PHIL 375 final reading) on which the paper is required to form its thesis (accept or refute the position taken by the author in reading)
c) 2 documents detailing the instructions on how the paper is to be written and how the arguments are required to be formatted. ( title: instructions 1 and 2)
7. I need to see drafts of the paper and need time to give notes and for you to be able to do the edits before the deadline.

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