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1. Locate and read a scholarly article on the topic of E-learning and technolog

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1. Locate and read a scholarly article on the topic of E-learning and technology in training. Summarize the article and post the summary in this thread. Provide a citation for the article. 2. What impact has the COVID pandemic had on learning and training in companies this year? Why do you think this is? 3. Locate and read a scholarly article about training delivery methods. (Avoid Wikipedia articles) Summarize the article you found and post your summary in this thread. Be sure to include the citation. In your peer replies, be sure to read articles posted by classmates from different sources.
4. What are the strengths (advantages) and weaknesses (disadvantages) of the Lecture method vs Audiovisual Techniques? 5. What training methods have you personally experienced that you have found beneficial and why?
2020 brought companies complexity that most have never experienced in the past. The pandemic created an immediate strategy that supported work from home capabilities for non-essential work forces. Given the pandemic and its ongoing concerns in 2021, what tools would us use to evaluate the effectiveness and retention of training programs with a remote work force. Feel free to use resources to support your response. Make sure you cite as appropriate.
5. Given your choice of tools, why do you feel they would be effective
6. Will the same choice work when companies convert back to an in house work team? If yes, what would need to be adapted and if no, why not
7. Do you think training via elearning is as effective as face to face? Why or why not?

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