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1. Conduct research and choose a cultural controversy that you feel strongly abo

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1. Conduct research and choose a cultural controversy that you feel strongly about. Write an essay to describe and analyze it: What is the nature of the controversy? Who are involved? What are their major arguments? What are the cultural values and contexts behind the arguments? Why is this controversy important?
Note that not every controversy is a cultural controversy. Many controversies are more related to politics, policy making and economics than culture. You need to first justify your topic during your research, and if you cannot, please find another topic.
Instead of taking a stance, I encourage you to remain neutral and present different positions and arguments in this paper.
2. Topic check: 10 points
Come up with a topic and a brief rationale (250 words maximum) for your research in this section. Identify the key areas of your research and include at least 3 credible sources. This step provides you an opportunity to make sure that you are on the right track and to receive feedbacks for further research.
3. The Essay: 100 points
The research paper should be 3,500-4,000 words in length excluding the references at the end. Your paper should include a title, your name and the course information. An abstract is not required. Here is where you’ll answer number 1 in depth.
You are expected to use at least 10 key concepts from the textbook. That is, you should be able to apply the theories and concepts learned from our class to analyze this cultural controversy. Please highlight the key concepts/theories in bold and cite the source including respective page numbers in the text. For example:
The outpouring support for this ethnic group can be best explained by the ABC theory/concept (Jandt, 2019, p. 17).
4. References: 30 points
Your essay must include a minimum of 10 outside credible references (in addition to the textbook) coming from a diverse group of authors. At least five of these references should be peer-reviewed. Please cite your references in APA and include references at the end of your paper. Your references weigh 30 points, which will be evaluated based on the quantity (at least 10 outside sources), quality (peer-reviewed journal articles, credible news sources, etc.) and format ( APA style).
The text book is:
Jandt, F. E. (2018). An introduction to intercultural communication (9th ed.). Thousands Oaks, CA: SAGE Publications

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