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1. Apply Big Data and Business Analytics to improve product competitiveness

by | Jun 23, 2022 | Other | 0 comments


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1. Apply
Big Data and Business Analytics to improve product competitiveness and find new
opportunities for product development. 2. Explain
the role of Expert Systems in product development and lifecycle
management. 3. Use expert
systems, Big Data, and Business Analytics to inform the product development
process. 4. Evaluate
a newly developed product to identify opportunities for continued iteration.
Throughout this course,
you have been working to use data to design an improved product. For this
final week, you will evaluate the success of this process. Begin with an
introduction that provides an overview of your chosen product and
company. Provide an evaluation of
your final product and determine if the product will succeed. In your
evaluation, identify strengths of your product as well as flaws and
opportunities for further iteration. Finish your paper with a conclusion
reflecting on the process and discussing what you learned throughout this
project. Your grade for this
assignment is not dependent on the success of your product, but rather on how
well you used the data to inform your process. It is entirely possible that the
product would fail and that is okay. The purpose of this course is to
understand the data and how it works in Product Management. Final Paper
Outline: · Introduction · Product Design Optimization · Discrete Choice Analysis and Market Testing · Predicting and Forecasting · Evaluation of Final Product · Conclusion The length of your final
paper will be dependent on your product and previous submissions. There
is no set minimum length for your submission, but it should address all topics
listed above thoroughly. Assignment Expectations: · Proofread your paper before submitting to eliminate punctuation,
spelling, and grammar errors. · Use APA 7 for page formatting and citations. Use in-text
citations where appropriate. · Submit the assignment as a Word document. · The final paper should be no more than 20 pages in total, not
including the title page or references
NOTE to writer: I usually prefer consumer
products, that’s what I’ve been working on for the past few weeks

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