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· improve maternal health

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For this assignment, you will utilize the country of China. 
Formulate a plan of action to address health concern in China and the following topics:
· Eradicate extreme poverty and Hunger
· Achieve Universal Primary Education
· Promote gender equality and empower women
· Reduce Child Mortality
· Improve maternal health
1. What would be the plan’s main goals?
2. Who might be on your team (professionals) and why, describe their roles.
3. What would your team’s research focus on?
4. Where would the project funding come from? 
5. What policies/partnerships would need to be created, changed and/or formed?
6. What would be the plan’s objectives to achieve the goals (measurable)?
7. What would be the top two interventions to meet the objectives?
8. How will the plan be implemented and subsequently evaluate for effectiveness?
Please submit one APA formatted presentation (PowerPoint®, Prezi®, etc.) of at least 2 slides per topic (minimum 16 slides) noted above with notes and reference slide. The assignment should have a minimum of four scholarly sources, in addition to the textbook.

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